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In this section you can find just a few of the personal stories of people who were treated with the Di Bella Method.

More testimonies yet to be translated can be found at

If necessary these witnesses might be contacted sending a request to the following e-mail adress:



Personal account of lung cancer treated with DBM

I will never forget the light of hope in my father's eyes when he learned about the Di Bella Method. 13 years ago he was diagnosed with lung cancer from smoking. He never did the traditional therapy, but only tests and biopsies to understand the real extension of the desease. After only three months, my father became a helpless larva in a hospital bed. They had given us no hope, not even surgery was practicable because the tumor was too extended and located in a quite critical point. Now I do not remember all the details of his medical records, much time has passed, but just when we were told that he would have not passed the night, we his children were able to get in touch with a doctor who carried out the method. At that time not all of them used to do it and we had to bring our father out of town to get the doctor to visit him and review his medical records. He got us to an immediate start, and we were lucky because at that time he had just one of those devices that you apply to the arm for administration of drugs, In short, my father suddenly revived, his pain disappeared, slowly he regained strengt and like a miracle the desease stopped growing. It did not disappear, but it kept him alive for another three months, and with regained dignity. I still remember, when one morning he disappeared from home, and we all moved in the search of him, knowing that he had little strength. We were really worried, so we separated in search of him, and it was I who found him coming out from the church in our neighborhood. With peaceful face he told me that he went to thank God for this miracle.

However, in the end he gave up and he did it for us. The drugs were not always available, they were expensive and this made us all nervous. I believe that in the end he perceived our tension and the sacrifices to see him standing. He took off his machine and everything else, and began to relapse again.

As he began bleeding from his mouth we took him to hospital and there, as you can imagine, he served as a guinea pig; As he was touched with a scalpel he developed massive metastasis. They sent him home with the oxygen cylinders and after three days of agony he passed away. I am convinced that if he continued the therapy he would have made it, but it was the surrounding circumstances that did not allow us to accomplish this miracle. I have always believed in this method and will continue to believe in it; for this I am a member and support this group: because it is right that everyone has the right to choose but also has the possibility of being able to economically afford to live with dignity and respect! Greetings to all.



Personal account of liver cancer treated with DBM

I want to give testimony regarding the case of my dad affected by liver cancer, discharged from the hospital because traditional medicine could no longer do anything for him but wait the end of his days (they gave him a few months to live). I mention what Bruno Vespa wrote in the book about Luigi Di Bella: A civil magistrate in Turin at the beginning of '98 ordered Local Health Unit to allow free treatment with somatostatin for thirty patients with severe neoplastic pathologies. After a couple of months he investigated the matter, he would be held responsible, if the Di Bella therapy had been toxic causing the death of one of the patients he risked an indictment for manslaughter. If, however, was the result of a protocol based on fresh water there was a risk that the Court of Auditors ruled: dear magistrate X you must pay the bill. In order to avoid troubles the judge consulted a forensic pathologist. My dad's case is a hepatocellular carcinoma with multiple nodules which had invaded the whole liver, the esophagus showed the presence of varices. The patient had a virus liver cirrhosis accompanied by multiple lesions, result of a hepatocellular carcinoma. In conclusion: no possibility of surgery or transplantation, no chance of chemoembolization, given the portal vein thrombosis.

After the magistrate's order, the patient began the DI BELLA therapy on January 1998 at “HOME” nursed by a humanitarian foundation. The task of the medical examiner was to see if the patient had deteriorated and in this case the judge would be in serious difficulties. He checked the transaminases and saw that the AST had reduced and the ALT had fallen (all documented). The doctor declared that the reviewed case leads to worsening and death within a few months, he also stated that the patient experienced a marked improvement of his physical and psychological conditions, so much that he started to go out, and drive and follow his grandchildren aged 8 and 4 years. Terminally ill!!! The doctor stated: do we want to talk of auto-suggestion, placebo effect? How do you explain that injections of somatostatin blocked the bleeding? Placebo effect as well? It would be wrong to raise illusions, however is the improvement of the patient's quality of life not one of the foundations of the Hippocratic Oath?

Indeed, the quality of his life had improved thanks to the Di Bella protocol carried out at HOME, but after two years of treatment he had become an "expensive" patient for the Local Health Authority; for the proper functioning of his liver he needed a weekly dose of albumin; at some point they decided that he did not need it and stopped its free administration in June '99. From then on everything started to decay, he passed away on January 6, 2000 without having made even one day in hospital. The question is: if tumors are treated at home what happens to all the doctors and the grants that are given for the treatment of cancer?



Personal account of G2 infiltrating mammary ductal carcinoma, preventive post-surgical treatment with DBM

A friend of mine got sick before me, she too of breast cancer. She was a few years younger than me, and we used to spend time together joking and laughing, being ironic about life and death and she used to say: you have nothing to worry about, you caught it in time, I do not know what is going to happen to me. She found it too late and in Milan they had decided not to operate, making her just do chemo, once done, she started the “Di Bella” therapy and lived well for almost two years, she used to go to work and lived a normal life, but evidently it was not enough... it had spread to the liver and perhaps she was tired of fighting. In Milan, they had given her only a few months … and two years are life, anyway! Together we discussed the possible therapies, we read Professor Di Bella's books hoping that the therapy worked. I, however, refused to do the "adjuvant chemotherapy" which I had been prescribed in Milan. It all began in 1999 with a check up mammography. I had an adenoma that had to be kept under control but, after five years of mammograms... it had the funny idea of turning into G2 infiltrating ductal carcinoma. Surgery and following discovery: the nodule had not been removed! I started the DBM therapy while waiting to undergo another surgery, in 2000 had surgery, quadrantectomy and removal of nineteen lymph nodes, two of which positive, one axillary and the othe one to the internal mammary chain. I kept following the DBM therapy. How many years have gone? You do the math! I am still here, continuing the maintenance therapy “for life”... what a beautiful word!



Personal account of ovarian cancer treated with DBM complete remission

Hi all, I have been in touch with the reality of the DBM for some years now, due to a family event which occurred prior to the one that I mention in this post.

I write here for another reason as after the death of my mother in August 2009 (I stress not because of the DBM), in April 2010 my wife (45 years old) was diagnosed with a probable cancer of the right ovary. (just to keep us accostumed with this desease)

Tests demonstrated its malignant nature, all markers were absurd, the Ca125 well over 1200, Pet positive, surgery in june for hysterectomy, with everything that the protocol involves, and then lymph nodes, appendix, etc........ It also appears that the capsule was affected by tumor cells, positive peritoneal lavage and they find an endometrial hyperplasia and adenocarcinoma inside the endometrial itself, basically double cancer, although, let's say, both at stage I (Ic and Ia to be precise). To explain I premise that it is an early stage but with high possibility of local recurrence due to the positive peritoneal lavage for cancer cells and affected capsule and in any case because ovarian cancer is quite dangerous and hard to control as per official statistics, there is also a famous surgeon who dared to coin "ovarian k there is no eskape."

Said that, we have chosen the DBM as first-line therapy rejecting the much recommended with insistence carboplatin-based chemotherapy, because of the complete failure in the recent case of my mother and for conviction regarding the DBM.

Let's get to the point: to date, after 8 months of full therapy, performed all the instrumental checks, breast ultrasounds, transvaginal ultrasound, colonoscopy, CT with contrast method showing nothing significant, confirmed during the entire period even by blood tests.

Now, we are aware that this is a battle won within a long war and we are just at the beginning however as confirmed by Dr. Di Bella we are on the right path.

Before concluding, given by now my long experience with DBM and the many exchanges with the irreplaceable Adolfo Di Bella, I would like to point out that those approaching the DBM should definitely use the maximum precision in following the therapy, consistently and accurately and refer exclusively to pharmacies recommended and indicated.

Of course make sure you also are dealing with a doctor DBM credited.

I do not deny that my wife has had some minor problems of tolerance in relation to cyclophosphamide and retinoids, however controllable and repairable issues although annoying at times and undeniably personal. However she has always led a regular life, professionally, at home and as a mother. I hope and pray she will continue for many many years.

As I wish to all patients to succeed in the struggle to win battles over battles and their personal war.

Good luck to all

Update: Thursday, September 29, 2011, 18:43

At the end of September almost 16 months of therapy the clinical well-being continues, as demonstrated by blood tests comprehensive of all the tumor markers, gh, prolactin, ESR, etc......

Soon we will repeat some instrumental tests in order to verify and confirm the good results that the ematochimic tests have shown in these months.

Hence, to next update.

Update: Wednesday, October 5, 2011, 17:57

To confirm that everything goes well, I confirm that today's abdominal-pelvic ultrasound, requested by Dr. Di Bella, did not reveal any pathological sign. Dr. Di Bella has requested this instrumental test deeming sufficient an ultrasound given the current clinical picture.

Update: Saturday November 12 2011, 13:07

After exactly 17 months from surgery, we have visited Dr. Di Bella's studio who authorised, given the clinical condition without evidences of desease shown by ematochimic and instrumental tests, a first step of reduction of the drugs currently in the DBM protocol.

Considering the caution, which I agree with, that usually characterizes Dr. Di Bella I can certainly say that this visit has cheered our souls with greater conviction after months of uncertainty.

Later in January there will be a further step of reduction and certainly an ongoing monitoring through ematochimic and instrumental tests next spring in order to confirm the positive trend and health status.

I feel a great need to clarify that my wife has followed to the letter and with great precision the directions of Dr. DiBella without ever dropping the guard and surrending to laziness and tiredness for a therapy which is however a daily effort.

My advice indeed goes in the direction of the utmost fidelity and continuity of the treatment in symbiosis with the mandatory certainty of using galenics of certified quality, as well as a doctor of high professionalism and competence.

I must point out also that the side effects were minimal in our case, largely due to the absence of debilitating preventive therapies, secondly for a personal predisposition that showed no important phenomena at gastrointestinal level.

Some problem has been shown for use of cyclophosphamide at the level of white blood cells, but as of today the drug is suspended because no longer needed.

Finally I want to confirm that since returning from post surgery my wife has led a normal working , social and family life, in good health, without even having a hint of flu pathologies.

A special note regards the fact that after a few months of therapy, an annoying skin condition, that is a pityriasis versicolor that for some years had been showing on the shoulders and back with light patches, very unaesthetic, has practically disappeared, marked with the coincident summer tan, also in 2011 during the summer confirmed the disappearance of a condition that the dermatologist was not able to cure calling it virtually chronic.

This was a '"side effect" obviously good achieved thanks to the DBM.

To next update.



Personal account of breast cancer treated with DBM

Hello everyone, I started the DBM on February 2011 because of a left breast cancer discovered on December 2010. My story begins around July when one day I noticed a swollen gland, to which I had not given weight because I noticed that it used to inflate and deflate with the arrival of the menstrual cycle. In September I decided to book an ultrasound to be reassured even under solvency times are long, they arrange an ultrasound to mid-October, then shifted to the end of November. The first ultrasound shows the famous gland and so far nothing alarming, beneath the gland a well concealed lump with a diameter of 10.5 X11.7, I understand that there is something wrong, the doctor immediately submits me to a mammogram. My left breast is affected not only by the nodule but also by microcalcifications that are not assumed to be anything good. On December 1, needle biopsy, positive to CTM, the next day I undergo magnetic resonance to see if it was vascularized, of course it was not. My left breast had a nodule of 1.4 cm maximum extension, a focal area of 2.5 cm and a retroareolar nodule of 7 mm. Surgery with removal of the left breast, followed by chemo and radio. I book the visit for December 23 at one of the best centers in Milan.

But from the visit comes out an enlargement of two supraclavicular lymph nodes, they submit me to a needle biopsy and neck echography, nothing to worry about except for a 1 cm lymph node with a bit strange morphology.

The same day, they carry out also a needle biopsy to the nodule. They call me later to let me know the time of the appointment with the oncologist.

Obviously before going to the appointment I got well documented on the so renowned chemo, who has not had a friend or relative affected by the modern desease? With her good manners she explains to me the situation “Madam we found cells of mammary lymph nodes origins in her supraclavicular we can not proceed to surgery since we must first stem the disease with chemotherapy cycles then proceed to surgery and subsequently radiotherapy” I tell her clearly that I do not do the chemo. The Pet, shows a left breast cancer with supra-subclavian lymph node involvement, pectoral, with faint uptake in the third laterocervical segment (within the limits of diagnostic). 

I change the center and go to a third consultation (I CLARIFY THAT I HAD ALREADY SCHEDULED AN APPOINTMENT WITH PROF. GIUSEPPE DI BELLA FOR FEBRUARY 15, 2011) same thing: chemo, surgery and radio. The senology head physician visits me and several times checks the tests performed in the center of european fame and with polite and gentle manner states “I never cease to learn and be amazed” he makes me notice the drugs to which they wanted to submit me for their study, second choice drugs, so he called them if I remember correctly, “They are not suitable for your age” he says. They require a CT scan to have a clear situation of my lymph nodes, medical conclusion? MY LYMPH NODES HAD NOTHING STRANGE, except for a laterocervical lymph node of 1 cm and a 2 cm under the armpit but having normal shape, which the radiologist diagnosed as not pathogen. One thing common to both oncologists is that they carefully avoided to say the side effects of chemo, I remember asking a thousand questions, in the end I answered “I don't do chemo, if one thing does not kill me the other one will, you do not have a cold I am told, it is chemo not aspirin I reply...... sure, the doctor answers. I refuse chemo and in primis they suggest surgery. I start the Di Bella therapy on February 22, 2011, It is already four months that I am following it with its well tolerable side-effects, after two months of therapy my lump of 10.8 x11, 7 went to 6.6 x 6, 8, while the retroareolar one of 5mm no longer shows on the ultrasounds, hematocrit tests and markers are within the norm, only a slight decrease in red blood cells and an increase of sugars. Neck and armpits ultrasound: Left axillary lymph node went from initial 2 cm to 1.7 cm. Ultrasound June 8, 2011, upper abdomen all ok, left breast check, the nodule can not even be seen at the ultrasound, the doctor look for it with his hand, he finds it, directs the probe directly in that area, the image is so clear that it cannot be seen, he makes me notice the consistency of the nodule and the difference of image compared to the previous ones, he does the ultrasound from different angles “this is it I have no doubt, I remember well your case” he says, nodule gone from 6.6x6.8 to 6 x 3.8, no sign of the 5 mm nodule, AXILLARY LYMPH NODE MAXIMUM DIAMETER 1 CM (was 2 cm initially) NECK LYMPH NODE OF 1 CM DISAPPEARED, my limph nodes are not swollen. White blood cells increased from 5000 to 8400 (immune system). I AM VERY WELL, IN MORALE AND PHISICALLY, I even go to the gym. End of June pet and ct.....

I will keep you updated

Update: Monday, August 1, 2011, 16:36


Update: Thursday, October 6, 2011, 08:53

it is almost eight months since I began following the Di Bella therapy, everything goes well, in addition to the June's negative pet, an ultrasound of August 10 showed a further reduction, I will have further checks, I will keep updating my situation....



Personal account of Kidney cancer treated with DBM

My father's story

To encompass all in a few paragraphs will be a little difficult, but I want to start from the beginning, when the desease was already there and no one knew or better no one tried to understand.

Year 2003 - My father in a few days gets hit by 2 renal colics, each time the same story: we take him to hospital they give him the standard treatment and then send him home. At the third colic we do an ultrasound and the doctor says that it is probably a stone, but that there is nothing to worry about; if it still gave him problems they would destroy it with the laser... Go home, it's nothing... the doctor said.

Four years go by, in this period dad has no longer had colics apart from some minor discomfort, nothing that could make us assume what we were about to face.

Beginning of 2007 – Within a few days dad has the same problems he had in 2003, this time we do a CAT scan and the result is catastrophic: Renal adenocarcinoma, to be investigated with exams after urgent admission to hospital.

As they say in these cases, we did not think it would have ever happened to us, these things happen only to others, as if we almost thought of living on another planet or being invulnerable.

The family doctor told us that the situation was serious and gave us many good wishes for the future... Then he suggested one thing, he told us that when we took dad to the hospital we did not have to show that he was well enough, otherwise he was not admitted immediately. So Dad had to pretend of having another colic, the doctor came and said to take him to the department of oncology immediately. I was not there at the time, he was taken to the hospital by my two brothers, because I had a commitment that morning and they were to keep me informed.

Finally I get the call from my brother, I almost hoped that he would say that the situation was less serious than expected, but I was disappointed. The situation would soon become even heavier ...

Dad was hospitalized and subjected to various investigations (CAT scan – Biopsy – Blood samples etc...).

I will never forget that time when dad called me terrified because he was afraid to do the biopsy, crying and sobbing .. It was one of the most awful moments of my life, my certainties began to crumble. Dad had always been a strong type and to hear him cry literally left me breathless. I sat on the sidewalk and felt dizzy as I said: "Dad do not worry it's nothing.". To tell the truth, I did not even know what a biopsy was and how it was done.

Who had ever had to deal with these things? Slowly other problems come out: metastases to the liver, lung, bones, pancreas and to the spleen as well, a lump under the cranial cortex and confirmed the renal adenocarcinoma of about 9 cm.!

We are baffled by everything that is happening around us.

April 2007 – I, my uncle and my brother have a visit with the head of the department of oncology of the Hospital. He said that the situation was very serious and that the metastases were everywhere. The only thing to do was an operation to remove the left kidney and then try with chemo. He said: “It's up to you, decide quickly because time is short". I replied: "What if we don't do anything of what you said?". “He has a couple of months or little more left, then you can give him just morphine” he ended. Dad was outside the hall waiting for us and for news. We told him that everything was fine and that he would soon return home. He looked at us, put his finger in his mouth to eat a fingernail and had the face of someone who think: "These are not telling me the truth"...

Days went by and we used to go back and forth from the hospital twice a day. Dad was losing weight and we thought: "What the hell is he doing here? Are we waiting for him to die?”. Then I remember that despite all that bad situation, while we were sitting on the bench Dad told us that in August we would have gone to the mountains in Benevento: we used to go there as children. How many memories!

I thought that maybe Dad would have not made it to August and that probably would never see that place again. Then dad for a few seconds looked up to heaven and then got up, saying: "Let's go, it's getting late". We approached the stairs to his room and I hugged him twice. He climbed the stairs to the room and we walked away slowly. I turned around several times until I could no longer see him. How sad!

I went back home and I began to think that perhaps, if there was a chance, it wasn't right to give up. Maybe dad would have suffered or maybe not, I no longer knew what to do... “Let me make a research on chemo” I said, I started to search and I felt as the world fell upon me. I could not find anything positive, everyone was talking bad about it.

They were saying: “It's poison”, it causes death before the cancer itself, if a dog drinks it dies within seconds. Their toxicity is such that the materials that come into contact with the chemotherapy must be burned in ovens at a temperature of 1000 degrees. "

I stopped the search and turned off the pc, going to bed with another defeat on the shoulders. 

Easter - We took Dad home for a few days, we wanted to spend some time together, we thought that soon he would no longer be lucid, since the doctor had told us that shortly thereafter we should have given him morphine.

It was crying and resignation from all of us, I never had to deal with this disease so close and it was a nightmare, I was going into depression, I could feel it already...

I thought: "I will not make it! I believed to be strong, but I am not. I thought I'd be ready to lose my father at the age of 49, but I am not".

I had almost given up, I began to imagine how dad would have died... Will he suffer? Where will he die? When will he die? Will I be there at that time? If he must die, I hope it happens while sleeping, so he will not suffer! Or at least that is what I wanted to believe... How I felt powerless!

The day before to dad returning to the hospital, as always I started thinking and could not see any way out.. Only negative images before my eyes.

Then I began to pray and say "God why do you not help me, what should I do, give me a sign"...

While I was praying, I fell asleep. When I woke up I decided to get back on the internet to look for something that could help me, but for a few hours I did not get results. Suddenly I entered a site and I read about a doctor in America who had treated his wife for a kidney cancer and she was fine thanks to the Di Bella Method. “And what is this Di Bella method?” I thought... Then I remembered the old man who years before went to Porta a Porta, and that caused so much clamor. Could it be him? I typed the word Di Bella in Google, I began to see pictures, a few videos and other until I found the site I entered this site and saw that it was possible to send an emal. I could not figure out where I had to write, maybe I was too agitated, I cried in anger and thought that maybe it was a sign that not even this was the way... I turned off my computer because I had an anxiety attack and could not breathe and went to bed, I slept for a few hours and When I woke up I felt as strong as a lion, I was like reborn... I immediately went on the site and calmly managed to send an email where I explained our situation.

After a few hours the Staff answered with these words:

"Our opinion is that both the intrinsic inefficiency, and the nature and location of primary tumor accompanied by metastases, especially the hepatic ones, the use of any type of chemotherapy would shorten rather than lengthen the life, making the short survival a real ordeal.

Obviously we are not able to make a prognosis or to ensure that your dad will be saved, but we are confident that the DBM represents the therapeutic attempt by far the most effective (and non-toxic) available today. Our belief does not derive from aprioristic positions or blind 'faith' in the Di Bella Method, but from having witnessed for a lifetime the failing outcome of current therapies and, on the contrary, the ability of the DBM to save thousands of lives and, where not possible, extend its duration and quality. One of our dearest friends resorted to Prof. Di Bella in 1994 for a kidney cancer that affected his wife, who underwent surgery and then followed the treatment. Today she is still with us and happily conducts her career and her role as wife and mother. The need for surgery is probable but only a competent and experienced DBM doctor can rule it. In our opinion, based on the standard DBM practice, we believe it would be appropriate to begin the therapy immediately and without delay, for the following reasons:

1) Surgery is always a risk of further metastatic spread, because forcefully bloody: in this case, the therapy significantly decreases the probability of propagation;

2) The presence of metastases can not obviously be removed surgically, not for physical impossibility, but because dangerous and completely useless;

3) The timing for surgery, even if limited, would let the tumor and its forms to progress and grow without hindrance.

The disease is very severe, but can be treated. If you like, you may contact Dr. (omitted), located in Naples.

You are young, your dad still is and expressions which, although moderately, described the haughty inhumanity of the hospital environments and the love for your father are very touching".

“This is the right time, God heard my prayers”. Then I thought “Is it really possible that this person has proven so helpful with me without even knowing me? Can I really trust him? I sent another email to know something more, why the cure had not been recognized and why was he willing to help me"... This was Adolfo Di Bella's answer: “My father was advanced in age but bright like a diamond. I saw him suffer, with the awareness of having to end, but I did not give up until he lost consciousness. But even in those days I was beside him holding his hand, caressing him, trying to keep his lips always wet. If he had not subjected his body to unsustainable hardships (up to ten hours of uninterrupted visits without even stopping to eat) already over eighty, probably he would still be here. When I tried to send back people who were waiting outside, he would reproach me saying: 'Do you understand that these people are desperate, people in need? And you want to send them away?'. I would end up feeling ashamed. Any person who, with useful directions and information, I can indirectly save, it is as if my father came back to life. A few months before leaving us, my father wrote: 'I believe I have not lived in vain, because I have done some good and I rejoice for the good done'. Unworthily, we too try to follow his teaching. Thus seeks to stay calm, try to gather all your energy and ask that they give us a hand from Up there: if God will help us, just a little bit, your father will be safe and the love that exists between you, nowadays so rare, will still last many, many years". Then he concluded “remember dear Amedeo, if you look for the right way between the many opened before you, and see that one of these is advised against, disapproved, criticized, derided, opposed, stop: it means that you are in the presence of Truth. Never forget that!".

What a great man is this Adolfo, I almost could not believe what was happening. As Totò said "Stongo scetato...dormo,o è fantasia? (Am I awake... asleep, or is it fantasy?)... Luckily it was all true... How wonderful, real hope at last!

I went to dad's home and told him everything, dad did not know exactly the whole situation, I talked to him calmly and we called Adolfo and dad talked to him.

Then Adolfo made us contact doctor (omitted), who told us that she needed the medical records... I thought this is a problem... They are not going to give them to us quickly! The day after dad returned to the hospital to finish a series of checks and spoke with a friend who used to work in the hospital and we managed to take the clinical file. Actually, to say it all, dad secretly took it just for the time to make photocopies: a few things were missing but more or less the important stuff were there.

After a few days my father left the hospital and went to doctor (omitted) who visited him and gave us some hope, but still walking on eggshells...

Hope is the last to die she said... Today I can say that not only the hope is still alive but my father as well. I remember that in the month of September 2007 we had started the treatment for a few months when it happened something very peculiar...

My uncle decided to bring the medical records to the attention of a doctor based at Monaldi hospital... She is one of the best in that hospital, what she says... that is it... It came natural to me to blow a rapsberry (in my mind).

The doctor saw the medical records and said to my uncle these words: “But how long ago this person died?”. My uncle answered: ”Doctor this person is my brother and he is not dead, he is still alive”... “What are you giving him, morphine to prevent his suffering?”. “No.. my uncle replied. To tell the truth, his children decided to make him follow the Di Bella treatment”. 

When he goes to the doctor for the checkup he does not need us to take him, not even when he has a CAT scan with contrast medium IV or an ultrasound. He comes and goes as if nothing happened. It is true that we go by with great difficulty because of the cost of the drugs... Dad can not always follow the treatment with continuity, but his illness has regressed and is stable. He enjoys good health and carries out a normal life.

I must say only thanks first of all to God who has heard my prayers and helped me find the right way, a thank you to Luigi, Adolfo and Giuseppe Di Bella for what they have done and continue to do for all of us... If there were more people like them, the world would be better. Furthermore I thank doctor (omitted), who is one of the few people who practice the Di Bella Method with great courage and tenacity.

She's always willing to reach out in times of difficulties, is a wonderful person!

I hope that what you read might help you have a little more confidence in life and that it can strengthen you in some way... We all have the duty to make the truth known and do our part in this respect... If I were rich I would have funded the research, if I were a doctor I would have cured people... If I were a politician I would have done anything to pass new laws in favor of those who choose to follow other therapies... But I'm just a private if I may be defined so and in my own small way I have just limited myself to letting you know “My father's story”.

A hug and a greeting to everyone... I wish you all the best!



Testimony – Ewing's sarcoma – Treated with DBM, complete regression

Despite being very young when my brother got sick I remember well some details of how chemotherapy had reduced him and even better I know the effects they had on his body.

Thanks to chemo he will have to undergo a hip prostheses surgery which will encapsulate, inside the femur, a titanium prosthesis reconstructing, also, the diaphysis of the femur and replace the right acetabulum. Chemotherapy has completely devoured parts of the lower right limb, above listed, that soon will have to be reconstructed or replaced and, until then, he will continue to take painkillers such as Brexin, Curcumin Epicurus, Aulin in order to be able to walk. For some time I have been wondering why is it not possible to immediately use the DBM, which has definitively healed my brother from a metastasized Ewing's sarcoma, instead of using palliative treatments as chemotherapy that harm the body of the patient?

Unfortunately this society is more interested in the money that chemotherapy brings, rather than the health of individuals, a society founded on the futility of money, a society that obscures everything that could bring less income compared to something else.

Leaving the matter of the corrupted society in which we live and going back to the initial subject...

Unfortunately, my brother will have to take the drugs imposed by the DBM throughout his life, but surely I prefer a brother who takes medicines rather than a dead one, as they are all the children of the department in which he was hospitalized.

On the one hand I am very happy that my brother is still with me, but on the other hand I would like that all the other children had had the same luck, so the other brothers and sisters, and all the other dads and mothers, but so it wasn't unfortunately. I do not thank God because I do not believe in its existence, however I can thank Di Bella whom with his cure has granted to continue or extend the life of people who were considered dead by other doctors or hospitals.

Not long time ago my brother did some x-rays of which I will quote the report:

With regard to the previous check of 09\07\2009:

At this time the clinical picture has worsened at level of the right hip and right pelvis because it is confirmed more marked skeletal alterations with considerable sclerosis of the right acetabulum and with more marked, although initial, hollowing of the bottom of of the right acetabulum ompared to the previous examination. Furthermore, clear compression of the right femoral head, now more pronounced compared to the previous check with a sharp reduction of the joint space of the hip almost absent at some point and for these aspects with clinical picture worsened compared with the previous examination. At today's check it is consolidated the previous separation of the right acetabular edge on the upper-outer side. Clear asymmetry of right pelvis compared to the left one: the right one is hypoplastic.

Overall, previous regressive-dystrophic skeletal abnormalities of the half pelvis are confirmed, especially of the right hip in the aftermath of radiotherapy with the situation, as said, worsened. Within the limits, given the age, the radiographic findings of the left hip showing regular joint relations. Clear schisis of the rear arch of S1 in the midline.

To be monitored over time.

All the problems listed above are due to the devastating effect that chemotherapy has had on my brother's bones. What else can I say ... read, evaluate and judge.



Testimony of infiltrating and hormone-dependent type ductal carcinoma treated with DBM

It all started in January 2009 following one of the routine mammographic screening which I used to do on a regular basis.

I would never have suspected that in February, they would call me having found 3 suspicious nodules of which the first 2 to the right and 1 on the left.

During the visit, they tell me to do an MRI which confirms the suspicion. Followed by a lumpectomy and 2 needle biopsies.

Outcome: infiltrating and hormone-dependent type ductal carcinoma.

I felt confused, lost and very depressed.

I consulted an oncologist, and 2 surgeons who all envisaged the same thing: bilateral mastectomy plus 8 cycles of chemotherapy.

I do not dare to face such a devastating path. I have no confidence in traditional treatments. Some of my relatives including my parents have undergone them and died suffering excruciating pain.What to do?

At this point I remember Professor Luigi di Bella and decide to contact his son via email to arrange a visit at his studio in Bologna.

Thus my "great adventure" began, supported only by my family.

Months went by and I used to get comfort from the reading and rereading of the testimonies of those who, thanks to Di Bella had made it, who had won their battle.

Finally, after only 6 months, the instrumental investigations confirm the regression of the tumor: on the left there were no more traces and to the right it had shrunk to almost half of it.

On learning the news hopes resurfaced despite the continuous sense of guilt for the huge economic costs that continued to grind on my family for my sake.

In November, I made a new ultrasound with astonishing results: only a very small trace of the tumor remained.

Followed other investigations and all have confirmed the success of the treatment.

After almost 3 years, I am left with only microcalcifications in the right breast which Dr. Di Bella defines as not serious, that is what remains of my illness on the road to full recovery.

For some time I had to stop the treatment, but with your help I am happy to be able to take it forward so that no trace remains of my illness.

It is a fortune having met you. I will never stop thanking you for all the good that you have been doing to me.

In you I found almost a second family. People like me who have understood the great value of professor Luigi Di Bella's discoveries and who have overcome a thousand obstacles in order to get treated according to his therapy.

A big hug to you all and see you soon!



Testimony of prostatic adenocarcinoma with widespread bone and liver metastasis treated with DBM

My father suffering from prostate cancer with bone metastases (discovered in 2008), after having hormone therapy (which worked for almost a year), two types of chemotherapy (docetaxel and mitoxantrone) that did not work, he took part in a trial with the drug Abiraterone, of which they praised great benefits (BUT WHAT???) even this last one has never worked, it was like fresh water, indeed with the raising of the PSA (marker of the prostate k) the pain increased, and the PSA reached 100 and because of the ineffective treatments in October 2011 four liver nodules sprung up... In November 2011 he began the Di Bella treatment: PSA has decreased (from 1000 to 89 of today), and with it decreased the pain so much that he reduced the painkillers, and got rid of the Durogesic plaster, not only that, this week he repeated the complete abdominal ultrasound, : the 4 liver nodules (after 4 months of Di Bella therapy) are reduced in size and hardly recognizable!! The sonographer technician also wrote in the report (I copy); these aspects are to be referred in first hypothesis to a good response to the therapy applied! I will never cease to bless the Di Bella family, and having believed from the start in the cure.

What can I say? I look at my father, and it seems to me that he has nothing, and relatives, friends and acquaintances are amazed at his recovery:))))))))))))))))))))))))



Witness of NHL treated with DBM, total remission

I am Roberto, 47 years old, and I live in Verona.

Until 2006 I’ve always been healthy, I've always been sporty, I used to play football, running and at that time cycling, I was not overweight, did not smoke.

In June 2006 for an occasional check I was diagnosed with primary carcinoma of clear cell on the right kidney resulting in total removal of it, after the intervention no chemo followed. At the same time an enlarged lymph node was also removed in the right inguinal area. Histological examination said: “suspected lymph proliferative disease”. Since then, analysis and various checks, ecography / CAT every 6 months, according the follow-up program.

In 2007, during these inspections every six months, a strange mass was found near the right testicle. Part of my right testicle was surgically removed, the result: primitive Leydig tumor as closed as a kernel!!

I’ve continued with the 6 months’ checks, in one of these, in 2008 I was also diagnosed Hashimoto's thyroiditis.

At the end of 2009, precisely on Christmas day, a cluster of lymph nodes have appeared in the groin area between the right iliac vessels and the bladder with a diameter of 7 cm (2.91 inches). In January 2010 the lymph nodes were surgically removed for diagnosis: center follicular lymphoma and diffuse NHL , degree 2, stage 2, medulla ossium not affected and disease only in the iliac region.

In March 2010, I’ve begun immuno- chemotherapy r-cvp 6 cycles and 20 radiotherapy, and finish all at the end September 2010. At the check in November, however, the lymphoma was always there in the same place and same size! Then doctors have thought that the lymphoma during therapy had been transformed and become more aggressive, and that this treatment did not work. Then they’ve decide I should run again a biopsy for a new diagnosis.

In January 2011 new hospitalization for removing the majority of the nodal mass for further diagnosis: diffuse NHL lymphoma with large B cells, center follicular (that was why the therapy had not worked! Lymphoma was more aggressive!). I should point out that, being lymph nodes to be analyzed in a very deep area, the two interventions were heavy and the recovery fairly long.

Therefore I have been proposed to start immuno-chemotherapy cycle n. 2/3 r.chop and then high-dose chemotherapy with autograft on, and so on.

Meanwhile, as for lymphoma, the diagnosis is so important to set the initial care, and always with the suspicion that the histological examination of 2009 was wrong, I decide to take the slides to be analyzed for security in Bologna. The diagnosis is still for them: LYMPHOMA AND DIFFUSE CENTER FOLLICULAR NHL STAGE 2 DEGREE 2, medulla not affected and the disease always and only in the iliac area, so it wasn’t changed! Then, why do they purpose the same therapy if it did not work the first time? What makes me believe that the second time it will work? On February 24 I should begin the first treatment .... But I was not ready for all this.!!!!

I was not convinced, I said, " if the transplantation is purposed to those who have lymphoma spread to various parts of the body, with the marrow infiltration, why to me, that after all I had it only in the iliac region, do they propose to use such aggressive therapy? And what if it returns? Which other weapons are left for me to use now with a debilitated body? Also, I’ve always thought that I had only one kidney, how could it endure this bombing? Thanks to my wife and our determination, we’ve documented on the Di Bella therapy in the few days left before starting treatment.

I must especially thank Anna, a great friend, known in internet, DBM patient, who with her availability and humanity has been able to respond to my buts and my ifs of those times, giving me great support and especially the possibility of have an appointment for a quick visit with Dr. (omitted), my doctor for the DI BELLA THERAPY!!! From the day of the visit with Dr. (omitted) on, things have started to turn the right way, after years of controls where they always found something new, it’s begun the period of the checks that go fine.

Wednesday, 13th April I’ve got my first check after a month from the start of the therapy with the new Di Bella method: the therapy has given a good answer, the mass was reduced by 15% or so, I was happy and more peaceful. The dr. (omitted) was satisfied with this first test and I was more than him. The road seemed like the right one!! I continue my journey with so much confidence and hope.

Monday, May 23 I have done the second echography control after about 80 days from the DBM therapy’s start. With much surprise and skepticism, the ultrasound technician, after 10 minutes of silence and a few words, tells me that he was almost afraid to tell me HE CANNOT FIND THAT THE MASS ANYMORE and that what remains is, in his opinion, only scar tissue. In addition, the femoral vein (which worried me a lot) and was subjected to compression by the mass in question, is now almost totally FREE!!! It's hard to find words to comment this amazing achievement, I was certainly hoping a further reduction but certainly did not imagine this magnificent response. Even the dr (omitted) was very happy.

Monday, 25th July I have done the third echo control after 5 months of starting therapy DBM. They are TOTALLY CLEAN!! Monday, 17TH October, additional abdomen echo control, groin, scrotum and everything is still wonderfully clean! It's true that night somatostatin always reminds me that I am a patient under care, but I must say that my quality of life is significantly improved on the psychological level: stop with waiting outside the door for a doctor who diagnoses me ominous, stop with fear to open an envelope, stop with the feeling that inside a test tube there is a verdict, stop with hospitals!

The general physical condition are good, I can safely make a nice 10 km jog, or 60-70 km bike with ease and without overdoing, me too I am amazed at all this.

Hello dear friends,

in March it’s been a year since I’ve started the treatement for center follicular non-H lymphoma, degree 2 stage 2, with the DBM. One year all downhill, full of positive results. Thus, as time passed, I have regained that lost trust in the previous months, the mere sight of the hospital a strange feeling came over me, rejection and oppression, I felt at the mercy of events, whipped from side to side. Now all this has passed. The present is full of confidence and hope and I look positively towards the future. I started the treatement with the DBM in March 2011, the evil that did not want to leave, after rounds of chemo and radio, in two months of treatment with the DBM has disappeared as if by magic, crumbled, crushed, FINALLY DEFEATED! !! All ecographies done so far are negative, however I’m continuing consistently my cure ...

What can I add? My life now runs happily in the normality, and for a patient is not little!!!! This is my testimony, one of the many, but I think it’s very important for people who, like me, has to determine one's life ...

2010 Congress Rep.San Marino

The interview with Prof. Peter G. Fedor-Freybergh, M.D., Ph.D., Dr.h.c.mult. (Chief Editor of Neuroendocrinology Letters. former Professor at Charles University, Prague, Fellow of the British Royal Society of Medicine), attending the 2010 Congress of Biological Therapy in Rep. of San Marino.

Watch the full Congress playlist on Youtube


Il Metodo Di Bella       "The Di Bella Method"

 (Italian version) 

by Dr. Giuseppe Di Bella.

Publisher: Mattioli 1885

A comprehensive explanation of the       method.developed           by Prof. Luigi Di Bella.


Il Poeta della scienza 

"The Poet of science"

(Italian version)

by Att. Adolfo Di Bella.

Publisher: Mattioli 1885

Prof. Luigi Di Bella's official biography.


La multiterapia biologica razionale dei tumori: il Metodo Di Bella.

"The rational biological multitherapy of tumors: the Di Bella Method."

(Italian version)

by Dr. Achille Norsa

Publisher: Mattioli 1885

Physiological principles, psychological mechanisms and illustration of clinical cases.


Aspetti chiave nella Fisiologia della Melatonina: trent'anni di ricerche.

"Key aspects of the physiology of melatonin: thirty years of research."

(Italian version)

by Prof. Luigi Di Bella

Publisher: Edizioni Artestampa

Compendium of Prof. Luigi Di Bella's researches on melatonin, extrapolated from the most significant papers presented at national and international conferences.


Cancro: siamo sulla strada giusta?

"Cancer: are we on the right track?"

(Italian version)

by Prof. Luigi Di Bella

Publisher: Travel Factory

The purpose of this book is to try to induce to a change of direction in cancer therapy. It is difficult to remove perfectly organized methods which benefit from political, economic and organizational  support but, even David dared to fight Goliath.


Si può guarire? La mia vita, il mio metodo, la mia verità.

"Can it be cured? My life, my way, my truth."

(Italian version)

by Prof. Luigi Di Bella, Bruno Vespa

Publisher: Mondadori

Prof. Luigi Di Bella's life, researches, first intuitions, the reactions of the academic world, the public opinion and the enlightening testimonies of patients.


Non morirai di questo male.

"You will not die of this desease."

(Italian version)

by Dr. Mauro Todisco

Publisher: Sonzogno

In August '93 Mauro Todisco discovers that Prof. Luigi Di Bella is the physician who first in the world has used Melatonin for therapeutic purposes.


Egregio Professor Di Bella.

"Egregious Professor Di Bella."

(Italian version)

by Att. Adolfo Di Bellla

Publisher: Travel Factory

Luigi Di Bella, the man and physician who has revolutionized the Italian health system; 20 years of direct experiences and testimonies from which emerges the need for change.


Di Bella, the Man, the Cure, a Hope for All.

"Di Bella, l'uomo, la cura, la speranza."

(English and Italian version)

by Vincenzo Brancatisano

Publisher: Quartet Books

The Man, the therapy, the hope.


Il professore della speranza.

"The professor of hope."

(Italian version)

by M. Grazia Mancarella

Publisher: Edizioni Artestampa

How Luigi Di Bella saved me.


Thank you, professor Di Bella. Journey back to health.

"Grazie professore."

(English, Italian and Spanish version)

by Lorraine Rowland

Publisher: Travel Factory

After 12 years of chemotherapy and 7 surgical interventions, when it seemed .there was nothing more to do, in 1996 Lorrain Rowland meets Professor Luigi Di Bella and begins to live again. This is the story of her "adventure".


Un po’ di verità sulla terapia Di Bella.

"A bit of truth about Di Bella therapy"

(Italian version)

by Vincenzo Brancatisano

Publisher: Travel Factory

The arrogance and incompetence of politicians, the hostility of the barons of medicine, the "anomalies" of the trial, the actions of the magistrates.


Sentenze di vita.

"Judgments of life."

(Italian version)

by Vincenzo Brancatisano

Publisher: Travel Factory

Courts throughout Italy agree with patients being treated with the Di Bella therapy and, on the basis of technical expertise, condemn the local health authorities to provide free of charge the protocols rejected by the Ministry of Health.


Cura Di Bella: la nostra verità.

"Di Bella therapy: our truth."

(Italian version)

by Dr. Mauro Todisco

Publisher: Sonzogno

The truth from one of the physicians who embraced the Di Bella Method.


Guarire si può con il metodo Di Bella.

"Healing is possible with the Di Bella method."

(Italian version)

by Alessandro Mischi and Associazione Nazionale Famiglie Contro il Cancro (National Association Families Against Cancer)

Publisher: G. Monduzzi

Includes 20 testimonies of patients cured with DBM.


BOLOGNA, ITALY -  JUNE 9th, 2012 - 9 A.M.


 University Auditorium

Bologna, Via Belmeloro N° 14




Dr. G. Pizza, Dr. C. De Vinci, Dr. G. Lo Conte. Dr. R. Mazzarotto, Dr. R.  Capanna: "Immunovaccine therapy in metastatic renal cancer (MRC)"
Prof. Tarro: "Finding the sequence of the peptides in the protein released by non-small cell lung cancer"

Prof. Truc, Prof. Lissoni: Biological anticancer therapies as a bridge between curative and palliative treatment of cancer.

Dr. Brivio: "The immunotherapeutic revolution of surgical oncology"

Dr. G. Messina: "The new psychological approach in the treatment of cancer"

Dr. L. Gualano: "Fundamental aspects of the physiology of Melatonin: thirty years of researches."

Dr. G. Di Bella - Di Bella Foundation: "Proliferative interactive Molecular mechanisms of the GH-PRL and interactive antiproliferative of the somatostatin and of the dopamine ligands bromocriptine and cabergoline "

Dr. F. Mascia BS: "Synergistic regulation of the differentiating gene expression of retinoids, melatonin, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E. Molecular mechanisms"

Dr. G. Di Bella. Dr. V. MartinoDr. A. Norsa, Dr. M. Todisco, Dr. R. Brandi, Dr. L. Pisani, Dr. B. Colori and Dr. C. Valese:  in the afternoon will report on recent numerous case studies treated with DBM. Following there will be the intervention of patients with their testimonies.

Adolfo Di Bella PAwill present his new book, the official biography of Professor Luigi Di Bella: "The Poet of Science".

Prof. Fedor-Freybergh Peter G: will honor the Congress with his special attendance.


(The congress is in Italian language)

BIT Life Sciences' 4th WCC 2011

Presentation to the BIT Life Sciences' 4th World Cancer Congress 2011, in Dalian, China, of the Retrospective observational clinical study on breast cancer treated with DBM therapy.

Click on the image to see the full presentation.